The reformer Martin Luther is the most prominent German in the world. Several of the places where he lived and worked have been preserved in Thuringia and are visited by guests from all over the world each year. In 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, even more visitors are expected. In order to accompany these guests to the authentic Reformation sites, the Protestant Adult Education Office of Thuringia (Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen, EEBT) specially trained and certified the Lutherfinders.

The owner of BM History belongs to the first of the Lutherfinders to be certified in 2011. That is why we are able to offer you qualified tours with religious background in Erfurt, Arnstadt and along the “Lutherweg”. In addition we would be happy to assist you in planning your Reformation travels. If you would like to find Lutherfinders in other cities, we can refer you to appropriate colleagues within our network.

Please choose what suits your own individual interests from our broad program. We would be happy to assist you.



Tours about Luther in Erfurt:

More than 1/7 of his lifetime – Martin Luther’s life as a student and as a monk ELF07

Tour of Erfurt following in Luther’s footsteps

* Addition: Protestant Pictures ELF08

This is where Martin Luther lived ELF09

Tour of the Augustinian Monastery and the Georgenburse

„My mother, to whom I owe everything“ ECM10

Tour including visits of the Collegium Maius and the Georgenburse

Ecumenical Luther Path ELF20

Reformation tours along the Luther path through Erfurt


Tours about Luther in Arnstadt:

From the Pope to the Luther Rose ALF07

Reformation tour

From the Pope to the Luther Rose (plus) ALF08

Reformation tour for pilgrims and hikers