Tours in the city Arnstadt

Arnstadt – As you like it

Like one of the pearls on a necklace, idyllic Arnstadt has its place between Erfurt, Eisenach and Weimar, delighting its visitors with art, culture and hospitality. Situated at the gateway to the Thuringian Forest, it also offers nature and hiking enthusiasts numerous activities. The “oldest village in Thuringia” not only has architectural sites in store for Renaissance fans, but also gems from the baroque period, the miniature world “Mon Plaisir”, Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther.

Depending on your interests and the amount of time you have to spend, there are various alternatives. The selection ranges from Arnstadt “express” for visitors with little time to the possibility of combining several programs: As you like it. We would be happy to help you make a good choice.

704, 1404 … – Classical City Tour AKF04

Walking tour through Arnstadt

bachkirche_stadtmarketing[1]So you would like to learn more about Thuringia’s oldest city? The history of the city makes it easy for you with its impressive benchmarks. During an interesting walk through the cobble-stoned alleys of the old town you will learn more about the entertaining history of the city and the famous people who lived here. Spend some time at the Bachkirche, where Johann Sebastian Bach was employed as the organist, and enjoy the view of the Liebfrauenkirche with its Romanesque-Gothic architecture that is considered one of the most significant buildings in central Germany.

Duration:  1,5 bis 2 hours
Price:    50 – 60 € (plus optional donations for the churches)

The Bach family: a musical dynasty ABF05

Walking tour following in the footsteps of the Bach family

Arnstadt_Bach_DenkmalFor four years, the young Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked as the organist in Arnstadt. Not only he, but also other members of his family worked here before and after him. Whether from atop the castle tower or from inside the churches of the city, members of the Bach family played music here for almost 120 years. This tour through the historical city center is dedicated to this period. Experience the authentic atmosphere of the Bachkirche and enter into the world of baroque music when you see the Bach memorial, the Bach House and the Bach exhibition (see alternative tours below).

Duration:  2 hours
Price:    60 € (plus optional donation for the church)

Dauer:  2 ½ hours (incl. visit to the Bach exhibition with organ console)
Price:    90 € plus entrance fee for Schlossmuseum and optional donation for the church

Baroque Arnstadt Express AEX10

Highlights of the miniature city “Mon Plaisir” and the Bach exhibition as well as a visit to the Bach Church

© Foto Marschall

© Foto Marschall

You are planning a short stay but still want to see the most important sites from Arnstadt’s baroque period? Selected objects from “Mon Plaisir” and the Bach exhibition give you an overview of Johann Sebastian Bach and his epoch. Then you will take a short walk to the Bachkirche (Bach Church) to top off your concentrated visit to this historical town nestled in the foothills of the Thuringian Forest.

Duration:  2 hours
Price:    70 € plus entrance fee for the Schlossmuseum and optional donation for the church

Renaissance flair ARF06

Thematic city walking tour

rathaus_stadtmarketing[1]Thanks to the stubbornness of one mayor, the city – although one of the oldest ones in Thuringia – hardly has any medieval buildings left. During the 16th century the old town was rebuilt in renaissance style. This tour through Arnstadt is dedicated to exactly this epoch of architectural and art history. Beginning at Market Square with its decorative city hall, your search for renaissance flair will take you through the alleys to the Liebfrauenkirche and the former location of the Neideck castle.

Duration:  2 hours
Price:    60 € (plus optional donation for the church)

From the Pope to the Luther Rose ALF07

Reformation tour

Urheber: Christoph Vogel

© Christoph Vogel

„I was once in Arnstadt …“ Martin Luther reminisced many years later. In fact he visited the oldest city in Thuringia twice. Following in his footsteps you will experience a Lutherfinder-Tour* that is designed to intensify your experience of the church interior. The Pope and the Luther Rose are only a few steps apart, and you will discover both the diverse images and religious contents from before and after the Reformation.

*Lutherfinder is a certified training program of the Protestant Adult Education of Thuringia to train guides to show visitors the Reformation sites in this region of Germany.

Duration:  1,5 hours
Price:    60 €(plus optional donation for the church)
Depending on the status of the restoration work, the Oberkirche might not be fully, if at all accessible.

From the Pope to the Luther Rose (plus)ALF08

Reformation tour for pilgrims and hikers

You would like to expand the tour “From the Pope to the Luther Rose” with a walk? Or you are on a pilgrimage along the “Lutherweg” and would like to combine that with a Reformation tour? In that case we would meet you at the Lutherweg stop “Luther-Buche” (Luther Beech) at Gera Park and would guide you along Luther’s footsteps through Arnstadt as described above, including a visit to the Liebfrauenkirche and to the Oberkirche.

Duration: 2 hours
Price:   75 €(plus optional donation to the church)
Depending on the status of the restoration work, the Oberkirche might not be fully, if at all accessible.