Tours in Arnstadt

Arnstadt – “As you like it

Like one of the pearls on a necklace, idyllic Arnstadt has its place between Erfurt, Eisenach and Weimar, delighting its visitors with art, culture and hospitality. Situated at the gateway to the Thuringian Forest, it also offers nature and hiking enthusiasts numerous activities. The “oldest village in Thuringia” not only has architectural sites in store for Renaissance fans, but also gems from the baroque period, the miniature world “Mon Plaisir”, Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther.

Depending on your interests and the amount of time you have to spend, there are various alternatives. The selection ranges from Arnstadt “express” for visitors with little time to the possibility of combining several programs: As you like it. We would be happy to help you make a good choice.


Tours at the Schlossmuseum Arnstadt

The Baroque World ASM01

Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) including the miniature city “Mon Plaisir” and the Bach exhibition

Unique Wall Hangings ASM02

Flemish tapestries from the 16th century

Ein An eyecatcher: The Palace Museum in disguise ASM03

Discovering the historic figures painted on the facade


Tours in the city Arnstadt

704, 1404 … – Classical City Tour AKF04

Walking tour through Arnstadt

The Bach family: a musical dynasty ABF05

Walking tour following in the footsteps of the Bach family

Baroque Arnstadt Express AEX10

Highlights of the miniature city “Mon Plaisir” and the Bach exhibition as well as a visit to the Bach Church

Renaissance flair ARF06

Thematic city walking tour

From the Pope to the Luther Rose ALF07

Reformation tour

From the Pope to the Luther Rose (plus) ALF08

Reformation tour for pilgrims and hikers